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This site is the home of local Richmond artist Dawn Stockbridge

"I have always enjoyed working with charcoal.... As a student I found the grainy blackness could perfectly describe the landscape of pit tips and the grey mining villages where I lived. Way back then I drew rough, honest depictions of people and places as social commentary, telling an evocative story of childhood memories in 'shades of grey'.

Moving to North Yorkshire liberated my artist's eye. Inspired by beautiful, mysterious spaces, woodlands and waterfalls became my subjects. With charcoal, I found that depths of shade and subtleties of light and texture could create a strong presence of place.... another intriguing, evocation.

Moving to Richmond in 2003 opened new doors to me, not least the door to my own artist's studio. With space and time away from teaching available at last, I began to play a little with my work.

'The Flowers 2006-7' represents a simple line of enquiry, a desire to look and to draw... the simplicity of which was incredibly satisfying."

"The Flowers 2007-7"

My intention with these pieces was to lookintently and depict the flowers honestly and powerfully. I worked from sketches which encouraged me to find an impression of the character from each. Later, the massive scale of my work enabled the drawing to become wonderfully physical.

The charcoal marks ranged from bold and sweeping to minute and considered. The dpeths of light and shade were 'painted' slowly, each layer being allowed to settle before another was added. Gradually, by pushing the possibilities of the charcoal each flower emerged.

People often say that my work is photographic and I do confess a need to describe each incredible mark, fold and vein along along with the totality of structure and form.

I hope I have managed to steer clear of plastic perfection and have expressed a 'quirkiness'. The 'diva nature' and unique presence of each individual flower.

No prints will be made to ensure that each drawing in this series will remain unique.

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